The Salem Witch Trials Walk was produced and hosted by Dinah Cardin and edited and mixed by Erika Sutter. Thank you to our featured curators and experts: Dan Lipcan, Sarah Chasse, Paula Richter, Steven Mallory and Kate Fox. Thanks to editors Whitney Van Dyke and Susan Flynn. The March of the Witches was performed by Henry Zagarella. The audio tour interface was built by Caroline Herr and features photography by Kathy Tarantola. The Salem Witch Trials Walk is sponsored through the generous support of the George S. Parker Fund.

Sound/music credits:
Serge Quadrado - Transition, Shine, Funeral Piano, Morning Blur, Under the Sea
Kosta T - crystal
Blue Dot Sessions - Drone Pine
Messages - Indian Landmark
Lisa Hammer - Bloody Macbeth
Chad Crouch - Lilac
Children of the Drone - COTD v. ECC
The Pangolins - The Jungle is Neutral
P C III - Remembering Past Everything
Jelsonic - Seasong
REW__ - The Ripples Shine Gira Gira
Lloyd Rodgers - Twelve from the Black Book 6_29_01
HoliznaCC0 - Life On Cassette
Tea K Pea - secondearth